Offshore Savings and Asset Management Services

It would be fair to say that our average client is a hard working professional who seeks sensible and achievable levels of growth upon their assets.

In a climate of low interest rates across many western nations, though recently increasing, and capped levels of protection offered by either governments or banks, many of us feel the need to look elsewhere in order to make the most of, and of course best protect, our hard-earned cash.

Whether you are seeking capital growth upon your savings, or investing monies from a pension transfer, you have the choice of managing your own investments or utilising teams of leading fund managers.

Through sourcing solutions from the very best that the international marketplace has to offer, we aim to identify the most appropriate and advantageous solution for any given client's needs.

The emphasis that we place upon continuity of service at Speciality Advice means that your dedicated adviser will adopt all available means of keeping in touch with you and continuing your working relationship together whatever geographical boundaries may occur over the course of the future. 24/7 secure online access means that you are just moments away from checking on your finances.  Thus in every sense, as a client of Speciality Advice, you remain both, in contact with, and control of your finances.

                                                          Approaching Asset Management

In terms of asset management, a number of important factors should be considered prior to formulating any asset allocation or portfolio of funds.

  • Your financial objectives
  • Your chosen currency/currencies
  • Your appetite for risk
  • Your attitude towards volatility
  • Your time horizon
  • The liquidity of the assets
  • Your other financial assets
  • Your need for flexibility
  • Your need for access to cash
  • The ability to trade online by yourself
  • Any investment themes that for either moral or religious reasons you would wish to avoid
  • Any other specific preferences that you may have

Appointing Discretionary Fund Managers 

A Discretionary fund manager consists of a team of fund analysts and professionals who manage investment portfolio's on a full time basis.

Achieving True Diversification

Our approach to investing adopts a medium to long term view (generllay speaking between 5 to 20+ years) with a buy-and-hold strategy across a well diversified portfolio - indeed a widely accepted approach by many leading academics, economists and analysts. In getting 'most people wrong, most of the time', the markets thrive upon human emotion which unfortunately is often the prime factor in things going wrong.

Furthermore, it's widely believed that too high a frequency in trading, along with any associated fees, plays a significant role in limiting the potential for positive returns. We believe the correct approach to asset management is to begin with a logical and non-emotional strategy which is diversified across the principal asset classes. Indeed, research has shown the vast majority of a portfolio’s performance is dependent on the allocation of funds between the different asset classes, whilst a much lesser portion is attributable to picking individual investments.

In addition to the traditional investment themes - balanced managed funds, capital guaranteed investment opportunities and market-neutral themes place the investor with a very realistic proposition in fulfilling their financial objectives. The availability of institutional discounts via a number of platforms can often also help the investor to get off to a flying start.

              Why is continuity of service so important?

Over the term of a financial plan it's likely that there will be a shift in strategy (and thus appetite for risk or volatility) as one moves away from perhaps seeking higher levels of growth to achieving capital preservation.

For example, during a twenty year pension plan an investor may feel they can afford to take more risk in the early years where he/she may benefit from a certain amount of volatility and the principles of dollar cost averaging.

However, over the course of this plan it is necessary to re-adjust the risk/reward ratio's and consequently seek to preserve capital. This is a key area in which servicing is important and furthermore regular reviews allow your investment adviser to help preserve gains by locking in profits from time to time as they occur. Hence, your adviser at Speciality Advice will do everything that he/she can in order to help maximise your overall returns whilst controlling risk and limiting the potential for downside volatility.

      100% client consent

Speciality Advice adopt a strict policy of 100% written consent.

We insist upon our clients being fully aware of any amendments or alterations to their portfolio and require not only verbal approval but also signed consent prior to any re-balancing (amendment) of their portfolio.

During the course of your working relationship together with  your adviser, he or she may make suggestions on re-balancing your portfolio from time-to-time as inevitable changes in the market occur, however he/she will fully discuss the theory and reasoning as to why any proposed changes are perhaps being made to your portfolio and only when you have understood this reasoning and provided your signed authority may he/she act on your behalf.

It is our belief that portfolio management should be an entirely transparent process, where through your adviser's assistance you remain in control of your money at all times.

Looking for Capital Growth - Why Consider Holding Offshore Assests?

It's important to look at all the options and to make sure you have the right policy holder protection.  We will help you explore all avenues to make sure you maximise your return on investment.

   Policy Holder Protection

Often overlooked, but arguably the greatest benefit of all to holding offshore assets is the fact that they are often held under offshore policy holder protection. Security of client assets is undoubtedly the most important factor in financial planning and offshore domiciles often require that a large percentage of assets must be segregated and thus protected from the insolvency of the financial institution.

Many will recall from 2008 that there is no such thing as a bullet proof company - even the largest of institutions can go bust. This is why the offshore policy holder protection is so valuable and should never be overlooked.


Offshore savings plans which may be used for the likes of a pension, among other things, often offer a greater degree of flexibility as opposed to those onshore (particularly in the UK). A good example is a pension plan, under HMRC rules, one may not typically access their pension assets until reaching a certain specified age, however an offshore plan carries no such regulatory restrictions and therefore, if need be, one may access their fund at almost any time (the exception to this applies to UK pension transfers, known as QROPS which still must abide by HMRC regulations).

          Tax efficiency

Many nationalities are able to reap the benefits of tax free growth upon their assets whilst residing outside of their home country. In some cases, tax advantages can still also be utilised upon returning home. However, it should be remembered that offshore plans are not about tax evasion and we strongly advise clients to declare their offshore assets to the relevant authority in which they may be residing or that in which they may call their home country. 

    Nominating Beneficiaries

A key part of any financial planning is always the correct allocation of one’s assets according to their wishes. Many of the solutions that we provide enable our clients to nominate specific beneficiaries whom, by law, will inherit the assets upon their death. This feature is typically provided free of charge by the product provider and can be of key importance in any succession/estate planning. 

Retirement Planning

Recent economic turbulence across much of the developed world has resulted in governments urging us to take more responsibility in providing for ourselves - certainly in terms of our twilight years.

Due to the fact that employer or government-based schemes are often unsatisfactory, an increasing number of individuals and companies are making private, supplementary arrangements.

One is never too young, or too old, to take a step in the right direction, and whilst it is best to start planning for the future as early as possible, there is no such thing as 'too little too late'.

Speciality Advice work with professionals all over the world in key areas such as retirement planning, and our solutions offer the expatriate (and thus most likely transient) professional with some distinct advantages.

We can help you plan for your retirement, by assessing your current assets and building a portfolio that will provide a realistic level of income while minimising your tax liabilites.

Pension plans are underwritten in those jurisdictions which offer the highest levels of investor protection to be found anywhere in the world.

  • The assets remain domiciled in one place so essentially this suits the transient nature of the expat.
  • Plans offer a degree of flexibility, short minimum terms of five years and low monthly minimum premiums of £100/$150.
  • A choice of multiple currencies
  • Online access
  • Free nomination of beneficiaries
  • A wide range of funds to choose from covering all risk profiles and principal asset classes. Expert advice and quarterly reviews of your portfolio by our qualified consultants wherever you may be in the world.
  • For many of us these assets are subject to tax-free growth (this of-course depends upon both your residency and nationality).

Fact: Over a term of 20 years, assuming the same premium is maintained, the value accumulated within the first 5 years of your plan will result in about 50% of the overall value of your pension pot upon retirement.

What is the secret to successful financial planning?

- to begin early.

We have helped a wealth of clients achieve their financial goals, let us help you