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Speciality Advice was founded with the goal of facilitating access to beneficial financial advice and solutions, including pension transfers, for Irish & UK expatriates, and worldwide individuals.

Today, our business comprises of two key components in maintaining long standing relationships with our Irish & UK expatriates and worldwide clientele, whilst also offering ongoing financial advice designed to help companies, international schools, and individuals to arrange their finances in the most secure, and profitable ways.

Irish Pension Transfer Advice

Our expertise assists those who may have accumulated Irish pension assets, but are now intending to live abroad, or indeed outside of Ireland. If becoming a non-resident of Ireland, there are some important considerations to be made regarding your Irish pensions. We strive to help people understand the details of their existing pensions, and to explore whether more suitable and advantageous options are available in light of their move away from Ireland.

UK Pension Transfer Advice

We specialise in providing financial advice to UK expatriates, and worldwide individuals, who possess UK pensions. Our aim is to help clients get the most out of their pension assets ensuring that they are arranged in the most secure, profitable, tax-efficient and often flexible ways. This may involve, for example, facilitating a pension transfer from a UK based institution to the likes of a QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme) or even to a flexible and accessible SIPP. We guide our clients through the decision making process, helping you to determine whether a QROPS or SIPP is best suited to your individual needs. Having received all relevant information so that you feel that you are able to arrive at an informed decision about how best to proceed,  we then assist you in facilitating your pension transfer from the UK to the most appropriate QROPS or SIPP in line with your requirements.

If you are a UK or Irish expatriate, or worldwide individual, wishing to discuss your own requirements for Irish or UK pension transfer/advice, or you simply require independent financial advice from experienced advisors, please feel free to get in touch.

Code of Conduct:
Being in an offshore environment, we feel it important that while clients are away from home they experience the highest standards in terms of ethics, integrity and professionalism which they have no doubt become accustomed to in their country of origin.

In terms of day-to-day practice, Speciality Advice stipulate that professionals should conduct themselves at all times, in a manner that is befitting to their membership under The UK Personal Finance Society’s (a branch of the Institute of Chartered Insurers) Code of Ethics. These are a set of principles by which professional advisers should conduct themselves in all business related matters such as "acting with the highest ethical standards and integrity" and "acting in the best interests of each and every client". This helps us to ensure that standards are maintained. http://www.thepfs.org/code

We have helped a wealth of clients achieve their financial goals, let us help you

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